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My Story


An Idea is Born

I'm Veronica Davis, Certified Personal Trainer by NASM. I've always had a place in my heart for contributing to the lives of our Seniors.  I had the opportunity to deliver meals for Meals on Wheels and realized how I could carry over my gift and connect quickly with those recipients. I loved spending the time with them in order to earn their trust and connect with them on a personal basis.  Knowing at times I may be the only outsider they see over the course of the week, I realized I could make a big difference in their life. As a result, I felt driven to pursue a career path including bettering the lives of Seniors incorporating fitness since many lose hope for a quality life.

What makes me different

That something different is specializing in Fall prevention exercises within their home setting.

Spending necessary time with the Seniors allowing them to feel important and see that life does matter.

The way that will allow our Seniors to not be a part of the 1 of 3 that do fall and contribute to that $35,000 hospital bill on average.

Won't you join me on this journey?