Are you ready to grow strong and embrace life?


Corrective Fitness is more than just exercises.

It is Strength and Independence. 


As we age strength and energy deteriorate along with posture and flexibility.

With the proper exercise and movement, aging doesn't have to prevent us from doing the things we love.


What would you do if you could be active again?


Spend time with grandchildren?


Walk on the beach?




Those are all within your reach. 




InSync Fitness provides a customized training program geared towards individualized goals, needs, and ability levels. I help older adults become more active and excited about embracing life and sustaining Independent living status.


My mission is to educate, encourage, and motivate seniors to realize the impact that a healthy body, mind, and spirit have on their overall outlook on life.

Many seniors prefer to stay at home and are uncomfortable with exercising in a gym or joining a group class. I am passionate about providing in-home comfort to help seniors improve their physical abilities and overall mental state. I will ensure a safe and challenging corrective fitness training program that is fun too!

Can you imagine being strong again?  Having great balance and walking with a skip to your step?  Looking forward to those outdoor activities and keeping up with your grandkids again? 


I can help you get there. Better health begins here.



Veronica Davis

Certified Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercise Specialist



Vancouver, Washington

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