Make This the Year You Get Fit

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Fall Prevention Coach


Is Your Lack of Mobility Holding You Back? 

Sitting at our computers for years, repetitive motions at work and sports, poor posture, and injuries have created imbalances in our muscles.


Muscle imbalances happen when one muscle is stronger than the opposing muscle. Over time muscle imbalance causes injury and reduce mobility. 


Mobility is crucial to a healthy body and can cause serious issues as we age. Flexibility, balance and coordination are all connected to your mobility. 


I can help you correct muscle imbalances and get joints back into alignment, so you are pain-free again. 


I have a 3 step process: 

1. Posture and Movement Assessments

2. Customize a workout program for your body

3. Check your improvement and progress and repeat until goals are met




Helping Seniors Live with Confidence

Are you afraid of falling? Afraid of a loved one falling?


Here are some alarming statistics: 
  • 1 in 3 Seniors fall 
  • the average hospital bill is $35,000

  • Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for people aged 65+


The good news is that many falls can be prevented. I give Seniors confidence by providing Fall Prevention exercises in the comfort of their own home. 


I love spending time with Seniors, helping them feel important and see that life does matter. 


Who am I? 


Veronica Davis, at your service. 


I've always had a place in my heart to contribute in the lives of our Seniors. I had the opportunity to work with Meals on Wheels and realized I could enhance the lives of seniors by helping them move. My own health issues gave me the drive and passion to improve quality of life for my clients. 


I love connecting with seniors and getting to know them personally. I am NASM certified in Corrective Exercise. I am also a Fall Prevention Coach with a variety of exercise strategies I can use to help seniors live with confidence. 


I am driven to help improve the lives of seniors by incorporating fitness and giving them hope for a better quality of life.


Get Insync with Healthy Living. 





Veronica Davis

Certified Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercise Specialist


Vancouver, Washington

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